Templates: Ease and Engagement in Strategising

Templates tackle problems, like:

  • People feel disengaged and confused,
  • Lack of clarity, 
  • Too many folks to facilitate,
  • Unease in teamwork,
  • Lacking alignment in the common future,
  • Too many ideas, that would fit to flipcharts,
  • Groups talk chaotically, 
  • Processes are missing focus, 
  • Misunderstanding instructions in paralel sessions, 
  • Intangible results, 
  • Feeling lost among the hundreds of ideas.

Results of using templates: 

  • 100% Engagement,
  • Clarity in action and priorities,
  • Structured facilitated processes,
  • Seeing clear patterns and connections, 
  • Freedom to create and combine, 
  • Feeling of importance: “My words are heard!”,
  • Professional events,
  • Feelings of: “Wow, this is really made for us!”
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I want to know more:

Templates are like smart containers of great content – designed purposefully for Your teams’ success. 

Content comes into the right structure, to help thinking and solve business challenges at unexperienced speed and quality.  

Our custom-made templates are designed in a co-creative process, where we consider the goals, planned process, number of people, room and even corporate branding. 

Templates are fundamental elements of visual facilitation, strategic thinking and the creation of many Big Pictures. 

Our Clients enjoy applying graphic templates, because
– they are highly practical,
– lift up the quality and smoothness of processes,
– great fun to look at these inspiring visuals,
– encourages systemic thinking,
– pull the maximum experience and knowledge from the individual,
– supports dialogue in the organisation,
– templates pull interested people together.

Templates can be made in various sizes:
– A4 to support individual work
– Flipchart or table cloth size: for group work to direct thinking into right channels,
– Several meters large to engage hundreds of people, to work on the whole organisation or divisions in vision-building and planning strategy.

Questions and Answers:

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1. What You need to know during preparations?

In order to design your best templates we’d better know the following info: 

  • the overall concept of the event, besides:
  • goals and Structure of the actual project, 
  • the plans for all relevant a blocs ( Yes, those “3O – 9O min” sessions in the Agenda)
  • number of attendees and grouping structure, 
  • the application (further use) and an expected / best format and amount of the output, 
  • the venue / location: arrangements and sizes of items ( boards, tables and flipcharts ), 
  • corporate branding and / or the preferred visual elements of the event, 
  • contact person and time to iterate with.
2. How long will it take to deliver our templates? Our event is very close!

Templates require different manufacturing technologies regarding to size, colour, number of sheets, etc. 

Some sizes are doable nearly overnight (Thank God: the 7/24 print-house is still operating in town!), however 2 good working days are necessary to run the minimum iterations and production cycles.

In such short cases urgency fee may apply: for urgency fee see: General Terms!

3. The Agenda of the WS / training / conference might change. Can we count on your templates?

Of course You can. 
Our templates are not only printed by machines, but most often: manmade!
We work into the hands of the internal or external facilitators on your training and workshop – so they can still work intuitively. 
We only need get a few instructions and can create cool templates that never seen before in minutes. Our decade long experience equipped us not only with knowing dozens of consulting approaches and models, but also the ability to create 7-8 or even 1O meter large templates for your conference or all-hands-on meeting attendees.

Consultants working spontaneously are not an impossible challenge but a joy of genuine support, the understanding and responding properly to group needs.
We call this his modus operandi: BioPlotting”, since the “human plotters”, our illustrators creates the table cloths, flipcharts, and even larger “idea-containers” for your teams in the coffee breaks or during the team-works.