Visual Techniques Training Course

I also teach what we do, from the beginning. I tell the felt tip pen from tip to toe. You get to know the paper, how it coils and how it lies.

You’ll love the chalks.

I must admit: I love doing this.

– Szilárd Strenner –

Our Next training:

2019 Spring  

What is this?

OOur participants can attain techniques at the trainings that enable them to perform their managerial, consultant, facilitator, trainer or presentation jobs in a spectacular, efficient and interactive way.

…whether one has artistic vein, or thinks it’s better not even to try to draw a stickman…



Magyar Telekom Zrt. Visual Techniques Training, Budapest, 20


Aims of the training

The ultimate aim of the training is to make a once well-known world accessible for our participants. We strive together to make our clients conscious users of the visual language, to enable them to animate even the over-professionalized, vacuous areas through the playfulness of drawing.

 The training is an introduction to the usage of analog visual techniques. It enables people to plan and support development processes, to prepare large-scale templates and analog presentations of a high standard and also for the interactive usage thereof.

Maybe you won’t be or not even want to be a visual illustrator, but sure you want to convince people about something important day by day: that’s what preparing your first analogue presentation on the second day will be probably good for.

As trainer or facilitator, you can find yourself very often in situations where you should harmonise work, and in such cases it would be nice if everyone were at the same stage at the end of a complex, inspirational reflective process. That’s what your self-made templates will solve for you.

…and, once we’re talking profession: are you interested in coaching, or as a manager you have colleagues who need to see through and find solution for a complex issue? Imagine that here’s the drawing, the large-scale sheet and they will serve as super weapons in your hand: whether it’s individual or team consultancy, coaching, supervision, mentoring, therapy, i.e. any kind of – typically 1 on 1 –, situation based on understanding.

But can it also be that your only poster will “merely” be the welcome-poster made for the birthday party of your boss? So what then? This will also be a constructive way of stepping out of your comfort zone and inspiring others.

Besides all these, as part of the training we’ll tell you about the background of the visual facilitation, we’ll introduce to you David Sibbet, the founding father, and you’ll learn about the sources you can use when setting off to your own way of exploration.

You’ll get to know lots of new materials and tools, you’ll learn which ones can be combined and you’ll try so many hints and practices that your head will be buzzing at the end!

  • freelance and internal or corporate consultants

  • coaches

  • leaders

  • facilitators

  • trainers

  • supervisors

  • teachers / students

  • and various sorts of experts, dealing with group processes


Visual language in the everyday life: you’ll write in a more legible, calligraphic manner, use simple visual signs with more confidence: list signs, arrows, figures, „boxes”, etc. Whether you happen to draw on a napkin or on a flipchart, your notes will be more transparent, more structured, and will emphasize the substance.

Visual recording: you can practice the best-known Grafacity technique as tool for live knowledge and information-management at conferences, in consulting processes, board meetings, workshops, etc. Visual language everywhere and in large scale, where it would be a pity for words to vanish.

Facilitation with large-scale templates. You can prepare templates (structured forms, worksheets) for designed processes of facilitated individual or group processes (strategic and innovative workshops, product and process development, etc.), from A5 cards to a couple of meters long sheets.

Visual consultation: usage of analogous tools in 1 on 1 situations: coaching, consultancy, sales negotiation, etc., with the power of pictures and highlighting the essence.

Presentation: using the „medieval” tools, we won’t have any troubles with file extensions, USB’s and projectors. We deliver special experience, involve the negotiating partner, size up and present the whole picture, work with the system and leave a trace (not on the wall). 



…and it’s still not everything, as these visual tools can be useful not only in the professional life, but also in many areas of our personal life: learning, conversations at home, parenting, keeping a diary, heading a family discussion, or it can come handy even when making up a creative shopping list. 

It depends only on us, in what extent do we make our lives more colourful and joyous.

Creativity is not a practice or something we take on for a few minutes for someone else’s sake, but a way of life. Our participants will attain a global language that they understood already before learning to speak. They learn not English or German, but a truly universal language. One that is understood everywhere but spoken only by a few.


Next Training:

2019. Spring   


„We’ve worked together with Szilárd at two events already where I’ve grown to be convinced about his 100% professionalism, the way he handles the occurring challenges while remaining flexible. All who were present watched astounded as sentences of a presentation turned into drawings, and not only due to its quality, but also because it enabled us months later to recall clearly all details. The thing the Visual Techniques workshop he’s given was special about was the zest with which he’s succeeded to involve the participants into the work, and also the practical pieces of advice he gave everyone to help to find the hidden talent in him or herself ☺


David Konczos, AIESEC /Budapest Corvinus University, vice-chairman (2017-2018)


“Szilárd gave me insight in visual facilitation in a two-hours crash-course. I was surprised to learn not only about conscious usage of colours and forms in such a short timeframe, but also that the basis of it all is body consciousness and harmony. Having been attuned, we have dealt with letters in terms of legibility, with types of frames (cloud, picture-frame, aura, etc.), with the highlighting effect of those, with colour perspective, and with the tricks we can use when making lists. It was a great experience. It had a huge effect on my consciousness and on my flipcharts I make at workshops. At the same time I feel that these two hours have served only as appetisers and I will need the entire training and a great deal of practice to be self-confident and to really have the groove.”


Judit Bárány – HR consultant


„Thank you once again for the training! I’ve been practicing since then and it seems that I’ve gotten more than what I expected! Congratulations, and thanks a lot!

Gabor ALMASImanaging director, consultant Franklin Covey Products Kft.


The graphic recording reinforced me further in my belief, that it is worth enriching my trainer/consultant work with the use of visual tools. My first positive feedback after the training was when I tried and made a large-size template at the kick-off meeting of a training. This made them see the targets and framework much more clearly and in a more obvious way (where to start, where to get to), so I could better keep the process in the desired channel.

Melinda Gere-Jakó, organisation development consultant OD Partner Kft.


„The biggest breakthrough of the visual techniques training for me was when I learnt how to take notes and then I developed extremely fast. I got to know many methods to express my thoughts, without having to feel ashamed. Nowadays I take on smaller case conferences (8-15 persons) where I follow the conversation with my drawings, in a way that helps many to understand. I highlight what’s essential, I follow what happens live and illustrate the most important phases. It’s also good to have humor ready at hand. Besides the fact that it helps daily operation, drawing also delights me.”

Kata Bárdos  -Supervisor, mediator, therapist


„If you have work that you could hype up sometimes with some visual elements, then this training is made for you. I was at the level of drawing stickmen only, but during the training I’ve learnt how to sketch human figures with just a few lines. It’s way easier than I thought, but I needed the training to realize it. Here everyone develops on her own scale, there’s no external expectation, you only have to enjoy yourself and it will be great! Everything is provided for this:

  • the trainer is a great guy, relaxed, but keeps things on track 
  • nice surroundings
  • all the tools – you don’t have to invest anything, but you can check out everything
  • great training material that you can use anytime at home too”

Anna KAPOSVARIHR expert, L&D specialist


„A picture is worth a thousand words – I could learn the practical side thereof at Szilard’s graphic facilitator training. You’ll learn knacks that can be learnt without any drawing skills whatsoever, all that in a highly positive, helpful and zappy training. It helps you to think in images, to use structures, to focus on the essentials.

...and as for me, to keep quiet during meetings. I make exciting drawn notes instead of horning in, which often promotes the whole conversation.

I recommend Szilard’s training not only for professional facilitators, but also for everyone, who’d like to use the right hemisphere as well of his brain, when processing the stream of information.”

Barbara MATE change consultant, coach Ascon Consulting Kft.


„This was the best presentation! – acclaimed the participants of the 2 days workshop organised for international experts!”

I was host and lecturer of the international workshop of Auchan Retail Hungary on 16-17 February. After having struggled a couple of hours with my presentation, I decided to put my PPT aside and take the plunge into what Szilard taught me!

I turned my presentation into a 3 x 1 meter “Lean in Hungary” strategic timeline that I completed with A5 sized cards in course of the presentation picturing the photos of the key moments, just as we’ve learned at the training.

The analogous presentation gave it a new impulse and the unique visualisation reinforced me in the idea that it’s worth breaking with the traditional forms of presentation.”

Karoly SARKADI, chief LEAN expert (Auchan Retail Hungary)


“The two day training gave me exactly what I expected: my flipcharts have become easier to see through, maybe even nicer (and I can see it’s worth assigning the time to prepare them), I use more bravely the pin-wand size papers at trainings to present a subject (larger size is more picturesque and give space to more details) and I can start off with more ease when making graphic presentation of the connections within a subject.”


Császár Csaba, OD Partner Kft.


„It was definitely worthwhile participating at this training. The participants of my trainings and workshops prefer flipchart presentation to ppt’s, what’s more, they appreciate my drawings a lot. The biggest outcome for me was that I could see that by merely using my visual abilities, it’s already enough to create beautiful things. I take good care of my templates. I save a great amount of time by regularly re-using them. It’s worth preparing my actual flips finely, since I need only a bit of colour on them for a great change. I’m looking forward to the next level of the visual training.”


Anita Frisch, OD Partner Kft. – Organisation development consultant, partner


“...I enjoyed the training a lot, I’m glad I have persuaded myself to come.”


Andrea Frenyó, partner – Flow Group


“It was really fantastic to see how someone who is not trained in graphic recording at all, can visualise the case I have outlined. Exchange of emails has been still vividly going on even after the course has ended [...], so the process lives on!”


Réka Ágostházi, Mambaby Hungary 


“I have gained experience in how it feels when...

I speak and my coach supports me by drawing in the meantime.

my client speaks and I support him/her as a coach by drawing in the meantime.

a person or a group speak following their own pace, while I can listen to them and draw, making notes, highlighting at the same time what’s essential.

an individual or a group for whom I take notes, reacts gladly on what they see.

the individual or the group for whom I take notes is inspired and get new momentum by seeing my drawings.

I give credit to the idea that I am actually able to draw.

I hit upon my own style.”



Ági Sütöri, FLOW Group


„Szilárd has special talent to visualize what happens in a conference room, at training, or at a lecture. He’s quick, creative, and has extremely good associations. It’s amazing how he turns on both my right and left brain hemisphere. It was Szilárd who initiated me into the secrets of visual facilitation, he taught me how to handle the large size paper, the markers, how to draw figures, shadows, colours, all that in real time, synchronously with what’s happening around. His work, his drawings mean huge help both for participants of workshops / trainings / conferences and for trainers, presenters.”


Orsolya Nemes, leading consultant at Milestone Solutions Lab, generations expert


“I also thank you very much for these two days! Proceeding step-by-step and the booklet was a great help. It’s not exactly as it should be, of course, but it’s about to resemble. ☺ I can only recommend the training for everyone!”


Titusz Kovács


“I have learnt how a nice flipchart can help absorbing, but I cheat ☺ I copy the images printed from the internet onto the flipcharts I use. I copy the company’s logo, too. The participants always appreciate it. I prepare templates for the group elaborations too, so that the participants speak for sure about the important subjects. I personally enjoy drawing, it’s fun to get prepared for the trainings this way.”


Eszter Nagy, consultant

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