A picture is worth a thousand words.

78,3% of people think visually


Visionary solutions for corporate challenges.

When the

  • event misses the aim
  • participants are bored
  • program is dull

When it’s about internal development, then

  • stakeholders are not on the same wavelength
  • participants are out of focus
  • the team is inactive
  • results are intangible

Communication within the corporation?

  • They don’t understand.
  • They don’t have a grip on it.
  • They don’t believe it.
  • They don’t care about it.
  • They get lost in it.

The trainings

  • follow always the same pattern
  • are not interactive enough
  • need renewal

Why Grafacity?

6 reasons for choosing us

Consultants’ background

We support our clients in unfolding their vision, so that the utmost is achieved through the events.

In Hungary and in Europe

We are in the field of visual practitioners since 2010.

We work with

an ever-expanding team of visual facilitators.


We guarantee the services we provide.

Dozens of tested services

With the aid of our visual solutions we make our client’s event and processes powerful and exciting.

In every business

We are present in a large scale of businesses from agriculture to pharmaceutical industry and from energetics to informatics, being partner to startups just as to multinational corporations.

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“Just a big thank you to your company for really capturing the spirit of our workshop in your paintings. It really lifted the spirit (which was already high) in the room, reminded people about what we were doing caused them to have fun at the same time as it captured the content and the seriousness of what we were doing. We will be using the painting to continue to remind us of two great days in the office for hopefully a long time going forward.”

Ulrica Fearn, DIAGEO SSC – General Manager


„Szilard was very quickly able to capture the discussions our groups were having and his interpretation of the conversation and the visual representation not only provided an aide memoire but also a starting place for new and further discussions on these topics. The graphic recordings as an artefact are much richer than a series of notes and lend themselves to being easily used in other sessions.”

Melanie Currie, Nottingham Trent University


„Grafacity is already returning ‘guest’ at the beginning of the year because their visual notes are useful and work well in our company. On the one hand you can easily convey the gist of a meeting to those who did not participate with them, and, on the other hand, it is a huge help for me, as a HR manager, with newcomers because the Big Pictures placed on the walls are an important part of the orientation process. It is not only a simple PPT we use to tell them what our values and strategies are, but they are put on the wall and people can see them every day.”

Lilla BENEDEK, ABESSE Informatikai Tanácsadó Zrt. – HR Manager


„Thank you very much for your work and all the help and flexibility. It’s been really good to work with you and we would be happy to have something similar in the future. Many participants commented how much they were inspired by the illustrations!”

Júlia Dudás, KPMG Hungária Kft. – Marketing Specialist


„The visual facilitation of the T-Systems merger process is an entirely positive memory for me because I haven’t yet seen a better solution for communicating the process and results of managers’ meetings to the organisation. People expect to learn what has happened and want to see what will bridge the gap between the current situation and the final outcome, the decisions. Triggering emotions, and spiced with humour, visual recordings communicate the process to the organisation in a lasting and transparent form. Only a few people have the ability to both understand the larger context and monitor the current events and be able to visualise everything immediately. Szilárd and his team succeeded in doing so. I believe in this method and I believe it is a good thing.”

Dr. László Eszes, T-Systems Zrt. – Deputy CEO


„It’s been a real pleasure to work with Szilárd. His energetic presence and honest and open attention and support was inviting and inspiring for the team and for us. His drawings filled the space and inspired work. These drawings helped us get hold of the sensitive issues that could have easily become depressing and discuss them in a focused manner pulling the team through the danger of beating around the bush and explaining themselves. Visual representation makes it easier to recall the atmosphere of working together and, by recalling the structure and the atmosphere, it also makes it easier to work on with the results. The added value of Szilárd does not only appear after the workshop: our clients clearly were using the visual recordings during the workshop and were continuously giving us feedback about how useful they were.”

Attila Bokor and Gergely Szentandrási, OD Partner Kft.


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