Big Pictures allow you to clearly communicate corporate strategies, vision, values, processes and even the story of your company.

You’ll have the most simple and powerful tool to align your team to reach your goals.


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Big Pictures (aka. Rich Pictures) are not only having vivid placards on your office wall or at the production site, but it is a transformational process, that creates clarity in mind, alignment in your team and a great support in overcoming stress in challenging times. 

Big Pictures incorporate the essence of corporate stories and dreams – explored in engaging conversations and dialogue. 

The creation of these “onepagers” speed up organisational learning, give valuable content to internal communication and has a great impact in boosting resilience. 

While a “real time” Visual recording is rather a spontaneous piece, these Big Picture placards are made before or after the strategic event: that are workshops, or vision building seminars. Big Pictures are designed and honed on in several iterations. Primary visuals represent stories and meaning – built into the architecture of the one-pager, that represents the structure, the “chapters” of the current corporate story.



“There is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.”SENECA

  • Does your company have a vision? Is it shaped together?
  • One that is understood, wakening feelings and raises hope?
  • Do You feel it strikes through, when communicated?

During vision building seminars we distill a picture and structure from the conversations. This is followed-up with consultations to shape the visual representation of the narrative. This Vision Big Picture is a unique management tool that fulfils the True North.


  • How shall we keep on track during the next strategic period? 
  • What tools do we use to set the right priorities in the every day’s struggle?
  • What gives you clarity and guidance in a blink of an eye, during the day to day running of your division?

Strategy Big Pictures give tangible summary of the planned changes and growth program. The visual structure and its content provides clear priorities, steps to take, milestones, so building the future becomes a whole lot easier.


  • How shall we know: “Yes, we can do it!”
  • What supports our believe, to overcome the anxiety of the current overload of challenges?

    Yes, it is remembering our past.

Visualising a company’s stories, ups and downs, projects, products, growths and mergers is a great milestone. It is often to crown a certain era, to reflect on what you’ve accomplished throughout years and decades. Having a spectacular Corporate story in your passage is a rock-solid statement of your strengths and honour. It helps to rise above worry, gossiping and disbelieve in the common future.


  • How do you visualise the main processes of your value streams?
  • What clear map you give to your newcomer engineers and workers to comprehend the plant, or service structure?

The ambiguity of your new workforce, sense of lost is a cost for the whole company. They pull down motivation. A clear visual representation of your value creation processes (should that be production or services) not only gives clarity to all new employee, but an important design process towards lean and agile structures and procedures.


  • What makes us proud?
  • What values do we represent in the daily business?
  • Why do we love this plant, this company, these people?

It is not an easy task to communicate the company’s values in a tangible way while avoiding corporate bullshit. True values serves like solid fundamentum and light-tower in turbulent times for the people in all levels. A value map is guiding and confirmation in making stressful decisions.

Questions And Answers:

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1. Can you really do our Big Picture at the event?

Basically there are 2 ways of creating Big Pictures:
   A) on the spot (at your event) or 
   B) in the studio, through a longer consultation process: either through analogous or digital  production.

The short implementation version of Big Pictures are one of the most spectacular processes of our practices. In this case we are an invisible part of your strategic event, we listen carefully and take notes, and draw a lot. 

Right after the “main process” is done (ie. keynote, strategic conversations, brainstormings, visioning sessions are over) we arrange our drafts and notes, pull the leadership team to make decisions on the (final) structure and the content (which element of the Big picture. 

When major decisions are done our team starts the execution on the given size. We draft with pencils, draw and colour with markers while conducting 3-4 thorough consultations (iterations) and making the necessary amendments to reach the final version. In this case You’re going to have your Big Picture even before the event is closed. 

This process fits the most to visions, strategies and value maps. 

Usually these processes are supported with designing and printing templates to align team conversations, a few hours of preparations with us, and we’re often involved in the facilitation, as well. 

2. We want to celebrate WITH it. Can you finish ahead of the event?

Of course, a Big Picture can be made before the show. It is not needed to involve dozens or hundreds of people. This is when the “traditional” graphic design process comes into play, sprinkled in with some visual interpretations and analogous drawing.
We consult your team to clarify your intentions, framework, planned functions of the Big Picture, gather necessary data from your environment, process all sent information and within the necessary amount of time we create your piece, to celebrate the strength, values and endurance of your team or company. We apply the general graphic design process: from drafts, ideas, to more elaborated marker drawings to fine polished digital, multi-layered pieces.

3. How long does it take to create our Big Picture?

If you have an event, where the content shall be explored, and we can stay with you (during the team building, for example) we do it overnight. You can present it and hang in your office the very next morning. 

If it is created in the studio – depending on the urgency and the complexity: it might take from a week to several months. The optimal lead time is approximately 2-3 weeks to create an average Big Picture.

4. OK, I’ll have a large placard, what else?

Right before we start drawing – even in the first consultation we share a lot of ideas how these complex visuals can be shared and multiplied to support your goals and change process. The final versions can be modified, the new annual strategy can update the former version and so on.

The digital versions are often printed and placed at several places in different size at your site: offices, community areas, production line, meeting rooms etc, wherever decisions are made on a daily basis. 

We have already designed and delivered several different adaptions of Big Pictures, like: 

  • Board Games,
  • Templates
  • “PaperPrezis”,
  • Animated Digital presentations, 
  • Tee-mugs,
  • Books,
  • Gifts to colleagues

We can handle your item in the following ways: 

  • the digital design version with the printed final piece, or 
  • a high resolution JPG File besides your original, nicely wrapped paper piece.
  • Printed physical objects with reused visual elements, as gifts, for example. 

Bilingual Big Pictures take place in our practice, often for subsidiaries of multinational companies with Hungarian Locations, so regardless who is looking for guidance, what colour of skin and collar: they’ll find answer and guidance in these Precious Visuals.

5. Can you follow our Corporate Brand Book?

Yes. It is our passion to satisfy even the most fault-finder marketing expert of your team with caring about logos, typo & fonts, colour codes and all the little details. Neuland and the other vendors provide us with hundreds of markers in all colours of the palette. 

Neither we nor our clients ever had any trouble with our partner from the printing house, who’s team delivers your piece in the best quality available in town.

6. Which is better: Handling it as a surprise or conducting a widely opened design process?

Well, sure, is it still a question?

I’m sure, You already have the answer! 
The more colleagues can sound their voice and make even a little impact on the structure, or on the content or maybe just witnessing how others interpret their reality desires and pain-points into the strategic piece: this will create credit, commitment, motivations to keep on track and reach the set goals. Co-creation shapes corporate culture in the desired way, so it is not hungry to swallow up your strategy.   

And YES, It can also be a surprise: if it is supposed to be gift. 

Celebrating a success, a large transformation, a move or an anniversary – these can all be cases of having Big Pictures.