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Grafacity Visual Services has assisted with several hundred events, company transformation programs and exclusive conferences since its formation in 2010. In other words, we’ve spent many thousand hours in almost all sectors of business, in governmental and non-profit organizations.

Together with Hungary’s and Western Europe’s most important corporations, event organizer companies and communication agencies, we’ve worked on numerous types of small and large group events.

We work both individually (one illustrator per event) and in parallel, with often as many as a dozen illustrators (World café sort of events with parallel sections), ranging from few hour programs to several day conferences, be it in Sofia, Cologne or Birmingham.

In the course of initial consultation we get to know your aims, the participants and the background of the program, so that we can tailor our visual services accordingly and make your event successful and unforgettable.


Using our creativity and experience, we show a new level of organisational functioning to your colleagues, while we can boost the energy level of participants with the strength of palpable visual storyboards.

Our team is accustomed to prompt changes and way-out situations.

szilárd strenner

general manager,

visual practitioner

I’m Szilárd Strenner, the general manager of Grafacity Visual Services, a visual facilitator and organisational development consultant by profession. I’ve been doing trainings and leading groups since 1994. I got familiar with visual recording in 2010, and I wrote my final thesis on this topic for my OD consultant education. We set up Grafacity Visual Services and became active members of IFVP, International Forum of Visual Practitioners. I take part in nearly a thousand of hours of visual client-work independently or together with my colleagues annually. I would like to better understand how we can support the change processes with our visual means the most efficiently.



Office Manager

The center of operation support is the office , and I run the office up to A-Z.
I add my more than 30 years of organizational experience to the everyday life of Grafacity
with the aim of keeping the processes running smoothly.

Glória Szádeczky-Kardoss


After graduating as a painter from the University of Fine Arts, I trained as a graphic designer. My greatest interests are illustrations and image design. In Grafacity’s projects I can make the best use of my drawing abilities. Playfulness, experimenting and looking for new connections are important for me both visually and conceptually. We’ve been working together with Szilárd since 2014: we facilitate events in real-time and we work on visual communication projects of our clients.

Livia Barts

Graphic Designer, illustrator

Livi has joined the Grafacity Team in January (2015).  She’s graduated from the Loránd Eötvös University (ELTE) , Faculty of Humanities English Literature Specialisation and also acquiring a Diploma of Graphic Designer from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art  Currently she’s engaged with visual communications both theoretical and practical level. She attends the ELTE Phd, in Visual Communication. She speaks high level of English, and also fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. As a Graphic Designer she works from   illustrations, to info-graphics and many further applications. She loves to recognise structures, patterns, analogies, and connections while visualising them with images and words. She works on real-time visual events and internal communication projects with us.

Csaba Fehér

HR transformation and visual communication consultant

In more than 20 years of corporate experience in training, customer services, consulting and sales, I use the tools of visual communication since many years. It was a long way from the art class of the high school, via the teacher practice, to the hundreds of corporate presentations, once I found again the power of visual communication! It is my belief, that this perspective opens up new dimensions between the presenter and his audience.


Trainer, Visual recorder

Being a Design Engineer it is important to me to find the suitable purpose, where the function and form can harmonize. I love structure in the way towards the good purpose- this gives freedom to creativity. As a trainer I often lean on this structured creativity, supporting my group to reach their goal. Visuals are a language that everyone speaks, therefore I have used it before. I met with Szilard in 2017, ever since I create real time graphic recordings and placards,  process supporting drawings.
From 2019 I take part in the Visual Techniques Course as a trainer.
I enjoy to follow how participants indulge in drawing with the markers and thinking in pictures.
My studies:

  • Industrial Design Engineer (BMGE, 2007)
  • Rehabilitation Engineering (BMGE, 2009)
  • Trainer 2017
  • Coach 2017
  • Outdoor and learning by doing trainer 2017

Alexandra Ambruzs

Visual assistant

Ever since I can remember I loved to draw, and as a consequence, after high school of economy I came to Budapest to learn graphic design in Számalk-Szalézi secondary school. Besides manual drawing I learnt various graphic softwares as well. As I get interested is animation I started a course on animation and film-making in Schola Europa. Where I came from it is said that drawing does not make a living, therefore I joined the Grafacity team to prove the opposite and doing at last what I love as visual assistant.

júlia Strenner-Szekeres

program developer

I’m Júlia Strenner-Szekeres and in the company I’m responsible for product development. Building on my background as a program developer, curriculum developer and educational consultant, I am most interested in the reuse of analogue visual materials. I’m planning to work out the steps and method of transferring the ‘Big Pictures’, made together with the clients, into interactive digital materials.

We are all committed fans of the analogue, real time visual practices.

Grafacity Workshop – a Community of Practice:

We’ve been delivering trainings regularly since 2011, in order to propagate visual practices in Hungary and internationally as well. As of 2017 we’ve been meeting up monthly with our alumni and other interested people to practice the ins and outs of visual process assistance and to get to know new knacks. We work on methodology solutions and with the help of our lynx-eyed monitors we make the solutions of each of us subject to criticism.

The Grafacity Community of Practice as a group of professionals enables us to visually record of as many as 6-8 parallel processes at our clients’ events.

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