A picture is worth a thousand words.

78,3% of people think visually


Visionary solutions for corporate challenges.
When the
  • event misses the aim
  • participants are bored
  • program is dull
When it’s about internal development, then
  • stakeholders are not on the same wavelength
  • participants are out of focus
  • the team is inactive
  • results are intangible
Communication within the corporation?
  • They don’t understand.
  • They don’t have a grip on it.
  • They don’t believe it.
  • They don’t care about it.
  • They get lost in it.
The trainings
  • follow always the same pattern
  • are not interactive enough
  • need renewal

Why Grafacity?

6 reasons for choosing us

Consultants’ background

We support our clients in unfolding their vision, so that the utmost is achieved through the events.

In Hungary and in Europe

We are in the field of visual practitioners since 2010.

We work with

an ever-expanding team of visual facilitators.


We guarantee the services we provide.

Dozens of tested services

With the aid of our visual solutions we make our client’s event and processes powerful and exciting.

In every business

We are present in a large scale of businesses from agriculture to pharmaceutical industry and from energetics to informatics, being partner to startups just as to multinational corporations.

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